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How to Rid Your Dog of Heartworm – The Easy Way

What is heartworm? Heartworm disease occurs when a dog gets infected with a roundworm called Dirofilaria Immitis. This disease in pets was first identified in the US in 1855, and occurred frequently on the seacoast of the southeastern US. Being parasitic, heartworms inhabit the heart and lung muscle in pets, especially dogs. This disease can […]

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CoralSpringsVeterinarian.com Announces Major Improvements To Their Online Marketing Efforts

For Immediate Release April 30, 2013, Coral Springs, FL CoralSpringsVeterinarian.com, a Coral Springs, FL veterinarian practice, has launched its new website, including a mobile website, a blog, and a social media platform to help serve its clients in the Coral Springs area. Coral Springs Veterinarian offers the following services: diagnostic and therapeutic services, surgical services, […]

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How to Manage An Obese Pet: A Guide For Pet Owners

Obesity is always an alarming problem as it associates several disorders and diseases. Just like humans, pets are also exposed to multiple risks of lethal diseases due to overweight stature. An optimal body weight doesn’t only help a pet live a healthier life, but it also enhances the life expectancy of your beloved pet. Here, […]

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Oral-Dental Care and Your Pet’s Health

Oral care is a quality of life issue for your pets. It is a well-known fact that if your pet’s mouth is bacteria-free and is healthy, it will result in a healthier pet overall. Good dental health is also essential to help your pets enjoy a longer and better quality of life. Yet, it is […]

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